Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Zoo Week!

We had a blast with our zoo theme!  All kids love animals so we had a roaring good time learning about our favorites!   
We loved making zoo habitats and cages for our animals.

N is for net!

Morning time centers with our friends

We used pattern blocks to make animals found at the zoo

n is such a tricky letter because it can look like a u or m or even w!  We were letter detectives trying to find the n in a mix.

We love reading our new books each week.

Making colorful peacocks!

and slithery snakes

Putting common words under the letter they start with

Painting panda bears with forks is fun!

We had a hard time going on a diamond hunt in our room so we made diamonds with our hands for our new shape.

We have a new poem in our yellow folders!

Our student of the day shares

Safari kids!

We are getting so close on everyone naming the letters in their name. So smart!

Another cute student of the day shares

We had zoo habitats in our sensory bin.  so fun!

A bunch of cuties wearing our color of the week!

Cool things to show us from this student of the day

We introduced the listening center this week and they loved it!

N is for necklace!

We decorated our picture frames with tiger stripes

N is for nerds!

More fun N objects

N is also for numbers

Thanks for a fun week friends!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Apple Week!

 We had so much fun this week with our apple theme!  There is so much to do and learn at preschool each day.  
These smarties are matching magnetic letters to the written letter (a cheap one to make at home if you wanted...from the Dollar Tree)

We read The Little Red House where the child in the story looks for a red house with no doors, no windows and a star inside.  The boy wanders into an apple orchard and finds apples and the star inside.  They loved the surprise!
We made apple volcanos!  We cored out the center and added baking soda and vinegar.  So fun to watch!
Our student of the day shares!

Look how our smart readers touch under each word while they read.

Marble painting

Graphing our favorite color apple to eat

A is for alligator!

We read 10 apples on top and used these little cups to make stacks.  Some made towers, some made rows and all worked together so nicely!

We went on a rectangle hunt around the room.

A is for apple!

Apple stamping

A is for airplane!

We made apple trees with stacking in our sensory tub

We are getting SO good at putting our name in order by letter and then naming each letter.

Taste testing...yum!

We added a new apple poem to our yellow folders.  Don't forget to read the poems with your child.

We voted and red was our favorite apple flavor, followed by yellow and our least favorite was green.

We sponge painted apples too!

More volcanos

More A objects

Signing in each morning 

Student of the day